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Gilmore Girls: Has Rory’s Baby Daddy Mystery Finally Been Solved?

Who is the father of Rory's baby?
Courtesy of Netflix

A key staff member from Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival claims to know who the father of Rory’s revival baby is — and she’s dishing and telling.

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In a series of TikTok videos, Valerie Campbell — the costume supervisor on 2016’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life — unequivocally maintained that Rory’s baby daddy is Logan.

Insisting that it’s really just a case of basic mathematics, Campbell ruled out all three non-Logan options, beginning with her fleeting “Winter” boyfriend, Paul. “If it was Paul, she would have had the baby in “Fall,” she noted, before adding that if the positive pregnancy test was a result of Rory’s Wookiee tryst in “Spring,” Alexis Bledel’s alter ego “she would’ve been about to burst” when she dropped the bombshell on Lorelai in the climactic “Fall.”

Meanwhile, since Campbell insists that “immaculate conception” does not exist in Stars Hollow, Jess is not a viable option, either.

“The only obvious choice is — you guessed it — Logan,” she concluded.

Campbell then went on to allege that series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino — “herself said, ‘Why are people even questioning who the father is?’ It’s because it was supposed to be very, very, very, very obvious.”

For her part, Sherman-Palladino is neither confirming nor denying Campbell’s claims, issuing to TVLine a simple “no comment.”

Back in 2020, Sherman-Palladino weighed in on the possibility of pursuing a follow-up to A Year in the Life.

“There’s no [obstacle] except for lives and people doing [other] things,” she told TVLine at the time. ““[A Year in the Life] was one of those kismet moments where we were kind of all looking at each other and going, ‘Well, let’s take a couple of months and hang out together and remind each other why we drove each other crazy.’ And it was a wonderful experience. I really do believe that if the time is right and the girls are where they need to be in their lives [it could happen].

“The great thing about families is there is always story to tell,” she continued. “[Gilmore] is not like a monster [franchise] or ‘Aliens came to town!’ or ‘We finally found out who killed Laura Palmer and it’s over’-[type situation]. There’s never going to be closure between Lorelai and Emily. Ever. And the older that Rory gets and the more she finds her own footing and has her own life — and she’s potentially going to have a baby — she’s going to be in conflict with Lorelai. Conflict and story and journey are not an issue.”

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