White Lotus Season 3 Poll Results: Here are the Character(s) You Want Back

The White Lotus Season 3 Casting Poll

The votes from our White Lotus Season 3 casting poll have all been counted and, according to the results, a whole bunch of you don’t believe death should stop Mike White from booking Jennifer Coolidge for another stay.

Despite the fact that Coolidge’s dearly departed Tanya was not even among the options in our “Which Character(s) From White Lotus Seasons 1 and 2 Need to Return for Season 3?” poll, the boozy socialite’s improbable comeback dominated the discourse in the comments section.

“Tanya should continue,” Keith L insisted. “There’s no reason these [seasons] have to be continuous. She has been coming to these [resorts] for years… so show her at a different time in her life. Jennifer is a hoot and is much needed to balance some of the other stories. Make it a 2010 Tanya!”

TVLine reader Moi thinks White Lotus should lean harder into its spiritual themes in Season 3, suggesting, “Tanya can come back as a ghost. Either Greg is on the lam and she’s haunting him, or it’s something like… Portia or Belinda trying to communicate with Tanya’s ghost to prove Greg did it.”

Dana, meanwhile, wrote that it is entirely possible Tanya “has a twin sister or a look-alike,” before floating the possibility of Coolidge’s “character [Sophie] on 2 Broke Girls” checking in.

Scroll down to see which LIVING White Lotus characters topped your most-wanted-back-for-Season-3 list, and then hit the comments with your reaction. 

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