Virgin River: 8 Questions We Need Answered in Potential Season 4

Virgin River Season 4

Netflix hasn’t officially renewed Virgin River for a fourth season, but that isn’t stopping us from thinking about it — and we have a lot to discuss.

The romantic drama’s third season finale ended with a series of jaw-dropping cliffhangers, from Wes’ long-dreaded return to the reveal that Mel is pregnant… but doesn’t know if the baby is Jack’s or Mark’s.

Showrunner Sue Tenney did her best to tease possible outcomes to these game-changing events (click here to read our interview!), but we’re still left to theorize what may befall the citizens of Virgin River in Season 4. You know, assuming we get one.

Read on to find out the burning questions we need answered in a potential fourth season of Virgin River, coupled with TVLine’s official prediction for each. When you’re finished, drop a comment with your own predictions for Mel, Jack and more.

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