R.I.P., Twitch: Watch His Best Moments From So You Think You Can Dance

Millions knew Stephen “tWitch” Boss as the DJ on Ellen, but we first got to know him as one of the best competitors ever on So You Think You Can Dance.

Twitch, who tragically died by suicide this week at the age of 40, debuted on Season 3 of the Fox dance competition, turning heads with his high-energy, hilarious hip-hop moves. He didn’t make it to the live shows that year, but he returned with a vengeance in Season 4, finishing in second place to winner Joshua Allen. Twitch was such a likable personality (and immense talent) that SYTYCD brought him back multiple times over the years, as an all-star dancer and also as a judge. He stood as one of the most memorable and beloved members of the SYTYCD family.

While we’re still processing the tragedy of Twitch’s passing, we’re taking solace in the magical, magnificent dance routines he blessed us with during his time on So You Think You Can Dance. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane and look back on Twitch’s best moments on SYTYCD, from hard-hitting hip-hop to swoon-worthy contemporary and everything in between — and hit the comments below, too, to share your favorite Twitch dance routines and memories. (Special thanks to our resident SYTYCD expert Rebecca Iannucci for her help in compiling these videos.)