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2021 in Review: The Best (and Worst) TV Weddings of the Year, Ranked

TV Weddings of 2021

The pandemic might have delayed countless real-life weddings, but it was business as usual on the small screen, where more than a dozen couples tied the knot over the past 12 months.

As TVLine’s Year in Review continues, we’re revisiting 15 of the most memorable unions and ranking them from worst to best — not based on how pretty the centerpieces were at the reception, but whether the proceedings properly honored the brides and grooms joined in holy matrimony, and the relationships that audiences had (maybe) come to adore.

It goes without saying that few of the following weddings went exactly according to plan. (We’d tell you to ask the officiant hired to marry Grey’s Anatomy‘s Teddy and Owen, but we can’t. He’s dead.) Some were meticulously plotted and still managed to go awry, while others were planned at the very last minute and went off without a hitch. It all comes down to luck, we suppose. And just how romantic the writers’ room is feeling on a particular day.

Scroll through the following list to see how your dearly beloved TV couple’s big day fared, then hit the comments to discuss your favorite (and least favorite) nuptials from the past year.

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