Storylines That (Probably) Wouldn't Fly Today From HIMYM, The Office, Friends, General Hospital and More Shows

TV Storylines Inappropriate Today

If there’s one thing we would tell Hulu’s recently announced How I Met Your Mother spinoff, it’s that How I Met Your Father definitely does not need a Barney-type character. Because while the bro might have squeaked by on the charms of Neil Patrick Harris’ performance back when HIMYM was on the air, his behavior would not pass muster in 2021.

In fact, television series of past are, unfortunately, full of storylines that would be deemed inappropriate or offensive if attempted on today’s shows. From Sex and the City‘s oddly backwards stance on sexual fluidity to racially insensitive jokes on The Office to questionable casting choices on Ugly Betty and the original Kung Fu, TVLine has gathered many examples of stories that probably wouldn’t make it to the screen in our current landscape — and for good reason!

We definitely don’t expect that any TV characters would dare pull a Seinfeld on their girlfriend nowadays, or that another super couple would be born out of sexual assault. And for that, we are grateful, because while it means that some elements of our fave shows have not aged well, hopefully, it also signifies growth.

Review our list of Storylines That (Probably) Wouldn’t Fly Today below, then hit the comments to share your own picks.

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