TV Shows That Changed Their Premise

TV Shows Changed Premise

Once in a while, the TV show you start watching is not exactly the one you end up with.

Take CBS’ B Positive, which with the third episode of its sophomore season launched what it has dubbed “Chapter 2” (read the inside story). Whereas Season 1 of the multi-cam sitcom was about Drew, a man in need of a kidney, and Gina, his unlikely donor, Season 2 followed up the successful transplant surgery with a financial windfall for Gina, steering her life — and in turn the series — in a very new direction.

Changing course midstream is not entirely unusual for a TV show, as our round-up below demonstrates. Sometimes, immediate viewer (or worse, network exec) feedback will “nudge” a showrunner to highlight or downplay certain original aspects. On the flip side, sometimes in the later years of a show’s run — either due to a wave of cast exits/changes, or simply out of a need for a creative “refresh” — a premise will be revisited and revised.

Again, the following is a list of shows that meaningfully altered their original premise (not just tone or characters) at some point after premiering. Not included are shows that changed their title as they evolved (e.g. Three’s Company becoming Three’s a Crowd), or those that simply changed geographical settings (Laverne & Shirley was basically the same show upon relocating from Milwaukee to Hollywood).

Which of these change-ups do you remember watching unfold in real time? And which were for the better… or not?

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