TV's 50 Longest-Awaited First Kisses From NCIS, Arrow, Stranger Things, Evil, X-Files, 24, Friends and More Shows

TV Longest Awaited First Kisses

When it comes to that first kiss, it’s all about the buildup — and our favorite TV shows certainly love to make us wait for that much-anticipated first smooch.

But which small-screen couple waited the mostepisodes before they locked lips?

Well, TVLine did the math, considering dozens of Will They/Won’t They pairs and tabulating exactly how many episodes it took them to share that first, big kiss. The current results, updated with several “firsts” from the past 18 months, are detailed in the list below, sorted from the shortest to longest wait.

We limited our list to real and meaningful kisses, so you won’t find whimsical one-offs or imaginary/dream smooches. And in the case of characters who were introduced later in a show’s run, we calculated from the destined duo’s first shared episode.

Note: We must blow a farewell kiss to the couples who got squeezed out of the Top 50 with recent updates: “DeckerStar,” “CaptainSwan” and Grey’s Anatomy‘s Alex and Jo (who were in a three-way tie and got bumped on July 1), “Avalance,” “Malec,” Parks and Rec’s Leslie/Ben, “LoVe,” The Nanny and Mr. Sheffield, Game of Thrones‘ Missandei/Grey Worm, Moonlighting‘s Dave/Maddie, and, yes, Cheers‘ Sam/Diane.

Which couple tops our tally, with a whopping 190 (!) episodes before their first kiss? And which “fairy tale” romance now claims the last spot of eligibility? Scroll through the list below to find out, then hit the comments to let us know which wait was the most torturous for you.

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