TV Ships We Can't Believe Never Kissed

TV Characters Who Never Kissed

Everybody loves a good will they/won’t they TV couple. The thrill of waiting for two characters to finally realize their feelings for one another — preferably sealing the deal with a long-awaited first kiss — is a time-honored tradition, one that has kept fans glued to their screens for decades.

But what about the characters who never quite get there? The ones who, despite having chemistry and the support of countless fans, never manage to lock lips? Well, they end up on lists like this — our personal collection of we-can’t-believe-they-never-kissed “couples.”

For the record, we know that a few of our picks (including one from a show that rhymes with Dirty Sock) are going to be a little controversial. But hey, what is TV ‘shipping if not completely divisive?

Scroll down to see 15 TV twosomes we can’t believe never kissed, then drop a comment with your own selections. Which would you add to our list?