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TV’s 30 Most Memorable Bathroom Scenes From Stranger Things, Fleabag, Veep, Buffy, Twin Peaks, 9-1-1 and More

TV's Most Memorable Bathroom Moments including 'Buffy,' 'Insecure' 'South Park' and more!
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If TV has taught us anything, it’s that bathrooms can be used for more than just No. 1 and No. 2.

Bathrooms are the social hub of any night out. They are also a place of solitary reprieve and a place for serious, hushed conversations, as well as raucous debate.

The privacy and confinement of a water closet pushes us to make life-changing revelations. Whether it’s in front of a sink mirror or atop a porcelain throne, latrines afford us a moment to slow down and organize our thoughts. At apartment gatherings or warehouse ragers, bathrooms afford party goers a private place to finally engage in those arguments that have been brewing for days, or to tell secrets they’ve been dying to share. Really, bathrooms have become integral to the human condition in ways that transcend their intended use.

So, let’s call today National TV Bathroom Day. And to honor this totally made-up holiday, we’ve rounded up television’s most memorable bathroom moments. From Seinfeld‘s lesson in toilet paper etiquette and The Brady Bunch‘s hair dye disaster, to the birth of babies in surprising places (9-1-1, Girls) and disgusting roommate habits (New Girl), this list has every important and unforgettable scene that happened within feet of a toilet.

What TV bathroom moments stand out in your mind? Let us know in the comments!

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