The Top TV Theme Songs of All Time: 1970s Edition

Best TV Theme Songs 1970s

TVLine’s mutli-part review of TV’s all-time greatest theme songs is movin’ on up (movin’ on up) this week, to the 1970s.

Based on U.S. series’ premiere dates, we’re continuing our series with a look at the groovy ’70s. Of note here is that whereas CBS seemed to dominate our first round-up, of theme songs from the 1950s/60s, ABC this time also proves to be quite dyn-o-mite during the disco era, creating memorable music for the likes of The Love Boat, Charlie’s Angels, the OG S.W.A.T. and Happy Days.

TVLine’s remaining TV theme song reviews will similarly tackle a decade at a time, visiting a bar where everyone knows your name… kiss-and-telling about being seen with Farrah… and hearing about how the Fresh Princes life got flipped-turned upside-down. We’ll also learn that Rachel, Ross et al will always be there for us… take a slo-mo tumble with Don Draper… and cue up TV’s second take on One Day at a Time.

Oh, and for you fans of animated fare, there will be a special “best of” list that is bound to please your brain (…brain, brain, brain).

Review our selection of U.S. TV themes from the ’70s and vote for the very best/most effective ones in the Comments. (Or, click this link and vote!)