The Top TV Theme Songs of All Time: 1950s and '60s Edition

Best TV Theme Songs Ever

When HBO’s Perry Mason takes on his first case, the occasion will not be heralded by the theme song so familiar to those who remember the original CBS drama.

TV’s original take on the Perry Mason novels was punctuated by “Park Avenue Beat,” a tune that swelled with swagger and became synonymous with the Raymond Burr-led procedural. And while truly original TV theme songs (let alone any with lyrics!) have fallen by the wayside in recent decades, dozens remain lodged in our memory. So TVLine thought to take a musical trip down memory lane, revisiting the best.

Based on U.S. series’ premiere dates, we’re starting off with a mash-up of the 1950s (which had a couple of top-shelf offerings) and the 1960s (an era that ushered in “Explain the Premise to Me” theme songs as well as an instrumental that boldly went where no theme song had gone before). Subsequent round-ups will tackle a decade at a time by moving on up with the Jeffersons… setting sail with love, exciting and new… visiting a bar where everyone knows your name… and hearing about how the Fresh Princes life got flipped-turned upside-down.

We’ll also learn that Rachel, Ross et al will always be there for us… take a slo-mo tumble with Don Draper… and cue up a second take on One Day at a Time. And for you fans of animated fare, there will be a special round-up bound to please your brain (…brain, brain, brain).

Review our selection of U.S. TV themes from the ’50/’60s and vote for the very best/most effective ones in the Comments. (Or, click this link and vote!)