5 Reasons Why The Traitors Is Peacock's First Legit Phenomenon

The Traitors Peacock

Peacock may finally have a hype-worthy hit on its hands… and we don’t mean more reruns of The Office.

Hosted by the talented and captivating Alan Cumming, the rascally new reality series The Traitors (all 10 episodes now available to steam) combines 10 reality TV veterans with 10 fresh faces for an ultimate test of wit and social savvy.

For the uninitiated, three players are secretly chosen by Cumming to be the Traitors. The remaining 17, deemed “the Faithful,” are tasked with unmasking the Traitors and banishing them from the game via group vote. But after every banishment comes a murder! The Traitors meet after midnight to select one player they think is getting too close, and once pinpointed, he or she is “murdered” and cut from the game.

Along the way, the group banks money into a team prize pot, and if the Faithful can eliminate all of the Traitors by game’s end, the cash is theirs to split. But if one or more Traitors remain, he, she or they will stake claim to the green. But of course, the players will have to navigate a few jolting twists along the way.

Based on the original Dutch series De Verraders, Peacock’s domestic version feels fresh and exciting, made to order for fans of strategic social games like Big Brother, Survivor, The Mole and the like. Set in a beautiful nineteenth century castle in the Scottish highlands, the series is not only gorgeous to gawk at, but has quickly become one of the most wildly addicting reality offerings of late.

Read on for five (spoiler-free!) reasons why The Traitors needs to be your next big binge — and if you’ve already watched, drop your (again, spoiler-free!) thoughts in the comments below. 

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