Survivor: All 41 Seasons Ranked From Worst to Best — Which Tops Your List?

Survivor Seasons Ranked

It’s almost time to crown a brand new Survivor champion, but where did Season 41 fall in our rankings?

The two-hour finale of 41 (airing on CBS Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 8/7c, followed by an aftershow at 10 pm) is so close we can taste the coconut. With yet another season nearly behind us, we’re diving back into the series’ storied history to break down the best, the worst, and everything in between, this time inserting the latest and highly debatable run into our rankings.

From casting choices to real-life controversies that overshadowed the game (Island of the Idols, anyone?), there are plenty of reasons why some Survivor seasons may be remembered more fondly than others. All of the show’s tweaks and twists throughout the years were examined as part of our criteria here, both in weighing the pros and cons of each season and ranking them accordingly.

While Season 41 was an enjoyable watch with a strong cast, we’ve got a few gripes regarding its execution, which certainly factored in when it came to figuring out its placement. Ready to revisit the sheer thrills of Cagayan, Heroes vs. Villains, David vs. Goliath and more? And which seasons did we rank as the worst of all time? Scroll down to view photos and see where your favorite seasons landed. Then be sure to hit the Comments section and let us know your picks for best and worst!