The Resident: 8 Reasons Why Fox Ought to Renew It for a Final Season

The Resident Renewed Cancelled Season 7

It’s time for an honest check of The Resident‘s vitals.

We already know that the Fox medical drama’s Jan. 17 finale was intentionally crafted as a suitable series ender, should the show not return for Season 7. And given the show’s perpetual “bubble” status, The Resident‘s previous renewals have long felt like gifts from the hospital show gods — a gift that, frankly, we’re increasingly worried we won’t get this year, especially after a Season 6 finale that even TVLine readers agreed would be a perfectly satisfying sendoff.

But here’s how we see it: As far as TV viewing experiences go, there’s a massive gulf between Episode That Could Be a Series Finale If It Absolutely Must Be and Properly Crafted, We’ve-Had-Months-to-Emotionally-Prepare-For-This Swan Song. And after 100-plus episodes at Fox, The Resident and its fans deserve the latter.

It’s not that we want The Resident to end anytime soon, of course. Should it receive the same lifespan as an ER or Grey’s Anatomy, we’d gladly revisit the halls of Chastain Park Memorial year after year. There’s no shortage of medical stories to tell, and the show has proven it can effectively rebound from the loss of major cast members like Emily VanCamp and Shaunette Renée Wilson.

But we know there are difficult business decisions to be made, and it’s perhaps more realistic that The Resident will scrub out sooner rather than later. Below, we’ve got eight reasons why the series should return for a formal final season; scroll through our list, then drop a comment with your own arguments.

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