Quotes of the Week: Good Girls, Evil, Superman & Lois, Blacklist and More

Best TV Quotes

Fun fact: TVLine’s Quotes of the Week are scientifically proven to reduce your end-of-the-weekend blues. (Just don’t ask us to present any hard data or anything.)

In the list below, we’ve compiled nearly two dozen of the week’s best TV sound bites, including moments both scripted and unscripted from broadcast, cable and streaming series.

This time around, we’ve got Evil‘s Kristen taking full advantage of the show’s new streaming home, The Good Fight‘s all-too-relatable throwback to the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Legends of Tomorrow‘s meta trip through its own previous season finales and a highly unexpected — emphasis on “highly”! — Wizard of Oz reference from The Blacklist‘s Aram.

Also featured in this week’s roundup: a double dose of Bosch‘s final season (read premiere post mortem), plus quotable moments from Loki, Good Girls, Mythic Quest, Superman & Lois and more shows.

Scroll through the list below to see all of our picks for the week, then hit the comments and tell us if we missed any of your faves!

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