The 100 Prequel: Everything We Know About the Potential Spinoff So Far

The 100 Prequel Series

You never forget your first… apocalypse. This week’s episode of The 100 took viewers all the way back to the days of the Second Dawn, finally putting a face to one of the sci-fi series’ key characters: Callie Cadogan. (Click here for our full recap.)

But as you likely know, this wasn’t merely the show’s way of answering our burning questions about the Anomaly. It was also the backdoor pilot for what showrunner Jason Rothenberg hopes will become a full-fledged 100 prequel series of its own.

(Side note: It was tempting to write that this week’s episode “laid the groundwork” for the prequel series, but the reality is that The 100 has been setting this stage since Day 1. This episode merely connected the remaining dots.)

Read on for a breakdown of everything we know about The 100‘s potential prequel series — which 90 percent of TVLine readers said they would watch — from its tentative title to the likelihood that the show will actually receive an order.

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