That '90s Show: Did '70s Gang Lose Touch? What Happened to Hyde? Kelso Kid Retconned? And More Burning Qs!

Two decades have passed in Point Place, Wis. since we last left the circle gang, but in Netflix’s latest revival, That ’90s Show, we once again found ourselves hanging out in Kitty and Red’s basement.

While the original crew (everyone except for a certain someone) did pop up sporadically, the new series focuses on the Formans’ granddaughter Leia (Eric and Donna’s daughter) and a new crop of teen misfits as they make out, party, and yes, enjoy some circle time and other illegal shenanigans of their own.

If you’ve finished your quick binge (all 10 episodes are now streaming), you may have some questions about this short jaunt back to the decade of frosted tips, chain wallets, mood rings and more. We know we do! Read on for our list of burning Qs, then hit the comments with answers and/or your own ’90s Show observations.