Post Mortems

Burning Teen Wolf Movie Questions Answered, From the Mystery of Eli's Mom to Lydia's Future With Stiles

If there was one thing you could count on during Teen Wolf‘s original run, it’s that each episode would leave you with more questions than answers.

So it should come as no surprise that Teen Wolf: The Movie, a feature-length follow-up now streaming on Paramount+, concludes without filling in every last blank. In fact, by the time we finished watching it, we had amassed a collection of burning questions longer than the Benefactor’s hit list.

Fortunately, Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis was (mostly) willing to field some of those questions, which covered everything from the real reason behind Scott and Malia’s off-screen split to what Sheriff Stilinski really meant when he said that Derek had “complicated feelings” about Stiles’ Jeep.

We also asked him for the story behind a certain character’s death in the final battle. (Click here for that.)

Read on for our Q&A with Davis, then grade the movie and drop a comment with your own burning questions.