Streaming Apps: What Are the Pros and Cons (and Your Pet Peeves) for Each?

Streaming Apps Best Worst

TV streaming apps: we really, really love ’em, but we sometimes also kinda hate ’em, right?

Fun fact: In the latest annual tally, a grand total of 559 English-language scripted shows aired/streamed in 2021, marking a new #PeakTV high. That means there is more content than ever to sift through, navigate and (reliably) stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, what have you.

And especially during these (ongoing…) pandemic times, your streaming apps have been subject to their heaviest use ever, from everyone in your household.

Along the way, you (or Junior) perhaps developed a new appreciation for some of the options, features and flourishes available on one streamer or another. Just as likely, you have started to zero in on some glitches and shortcomings, including the occasional UI (user interface) “pet peeve” that drives you more than a bit batty.

The Comments section below is a safe place to single out the best and the worst that each streaming app has to offer, be it on mobile, laptop and/or TV. The TVLine staff has shared below a few “back-of-napkin” conversation starters — pros and cons — for each of the eight majors, based on our individual experiences. Give our list a skim, then please chime in with your own valued opinions on the good, the bad and the “UI”-gly.