Rob Lowe's 10 Best TV Roles, Ranked!


We can only imagine that, if you’re a Hollywood casting director looking for a genial, purposeful leading man with a streak of gleeful geekery, Rob Lowe is high on your speed dial.

What a coincidence: That same blend makes the 9-1-1: Lone Star actor one of our favorite performers, whose small-screen work has been a hit with discerning TV viewers over the past four decades. So who better to kick off a new, occasional TVLine feature than the West Wing alum?

We’ve reviewed Lowe’s 40-plus(!)-year TV career and whittled it down to his 10 best roles. Before you scroll down to see where your personal favorite Lowe character landed, a few quick notes. We kept our choices to series regular and recurring parts, but allowed for notable one-off guest appearances. We chose to limit voice roles to just one slot on the countdown. And though it was agonizing, we ultimately decided to keep TV movies out of the running (though you should definitely watch HBO’s Behind the Candelabra for Lowe’s make-up alone and facial expressions — or lack thereof — alone).

Scroll down to see the Lowe roles we loved the most. And when you’re done, hit the comments to tell us where we got it right, where we got it wrong and what other actors you’d like to see get the 10-best treatment!

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