Reacher Season 2 Adds Serinda Swan, Domenick Lombardozzi and 10 Others

Serinda Swan Cast Reacher

Reacher Season 2 has armed itself with a dozen new cast members, including Serinda Swan as the formidable female lead.

Season 2 of the Prime Video hit will be based on the 2009 Jack Reacher novel Bad Luck and Trouble, which (per Amazon.com’s book synopsis) finds Reacher “pulled out of his wandering life and plunged into the heart of a conspiracy that is killing old friends … and the people he once trusted with his life.” The story begins when Neagley (to again be played by Maria Sten) contacts Reacher using a signal that only the eight members of their elite team would know. She then tells him a terrifying story about the brutal death of a man they both served with. Soon Reacher is reuniting with the survivors of his team, scrambling to unravel the sudden disappearance of two other comrades.

Prime Video’s official teaser for Season 2, meanwhile, says simply, “When the members of Reacher’s old military unit start turning up dead, Reacher has just one thing on his mind — revenge.”

Swan, whose previous TV credits include Breakout Kings, Graceland and the title role in Canada’s Coroner, will fill the role of Karla Dixon. Along with David O’Donnell (to be played by Outer Range‘s Shaun Sipos), Dixon served with Reacher in the Army’s unit of Special Investigators. She’s described as “an extremely intelligent private investigator who has no problem holding her own in a fight against men much larger than she is.”

Who else is new for Season 2? A lotta people! Read on for all of the other new castings…. And as always, if you seek scoop on Reacher Season 2, email InsideLine@tvline.com!

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