One Day at a Time References Trump and Coronavirus in Animated Special — The 9 Best (and Strangest) Moments

What do ALF, Gloria Estefan and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Alexander Hamilton have in common? They all appeared in Tuesday’s politically tinged One Day at a Time, which presented the Alvarez family (and friendly building manager Schneider) in cartoon form.

The one-off special — which was commissioned in April, shortly after production on Season 4 was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic — centered on the imminent arrival of Penelope’s conservative relatives, including cousin Estrellita (voiced by Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Melissa Fumero), Tia Mirtha (Estefan) and Tio Juanito (Miranda). But rather than show us how their stay went, the episode focused on how their visit could play out if they chose to discuss the upcoming election, among other current events. That led to a number of fantasy sequences that included an America’s Got Talent parody, an homage to the Tony Award-winning Hamilton and the capture of a beloved sitcom character — all of which we’ve compiled in the following roundup.

In addition to this fall’s Trump vs. Biden showdown, the episode referenced Trump’s immigration policy and the Black Lives Matter movement, and indirectly addressed COVID-19, which has claimed more than 100,000 American lives since ODAAT was forced to suspend production. (“You think he keeps you safe?” Penelope asked her cousin. “Imagine something happening on a global scale — something so huge that it completely shuts everything down, and we’re stuck waiting for someone to lead us while we watch episodes of our favorite TV shows, but now they’re all animated!”)

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