New Amsterdam Team Previews Max's Post-Helen State of Mind, Teases Freema Agyeman's Potential Return

There will be only so much wallowing for Max when New Amsterdam returns for its fifth and final season sans the doctor’s fiancée Helen Sharpe.

Following longtime cast member Freema Agyeman’s exit, Max’s state of mind regarding his and Helen’s broken relationship is one of mixed emotions.

New Amsterdam Spoilers“Nothing’s quite beyond repair,” star Ryan Eggold says about “Sharpwin” in the above video interview. That said, “I think Max is realizing something very important this year, which is that letting someone into that role in [his daughter] Luna’s life is really important and probably more important than his own romantic life.”

So while Max is heartbroken about Helen, he also has to keep his priorities in check. “I think there’s a shift in focus to being a dad,” Eggold previews. “There’s a bit of a wound there for Luna, too, that this woman who was in her life is not there. And so, I think he has a lot of feelings around that and is figuring out, how do I protect my daughter and what’s the best way forward?”

And as Max is prone to do during times of crisis, he “throws himself into work and the hospital and caring for other people,” Eggold adds.

Meanwhile, showrunner David Schulner offers up this tantalizing reason for why “Sharpwin” ‘shippers should continue to tune in to the show: “They may not have seen the last of Helen Sharpe is all I will tease.” Adds executive producer/director Peter Horton: “That and longing is a fabulous emotion to play.”

Read on to find out what the final season (premiering Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 10/9c on NBC) has in store for the other New Amsterdam docs.