Year in Review

19 Shows Netflix Cancelled in 2021 — Which Ones Will You Miss the Most?

Netflix brought us plenty of joy this year with its original series… but it also broke a lot of hearts along the way, too.

Yes, the streaming giant’s cancellation axe swung far and wide in 2021, with family comedies, superhero epics and sci-fi shoot-em-ups all getting the chop. By our count, Netflix cancelled nearly 20 of its original series this year, and while they weren’t all keepers, we’ll honestly miss seeing where some of them would’ve gone from here. (Can someone out there give us a Season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms, please? Or finance another run of Cowboy Bebop?)

So with the year drawing to a close, we’re taking a bittersweet look back on all the shows that Netflix cancelled this year. (The overall theme seems to be one-and-done, with the vast majority of these shows being cancelled after just one season.) Read on to see which Netflix series won’t be coming back for another season — keep in mind, we didn’t include co-productions like Kim’s Convenience, Peaky Blinders and Derry Girls that are ending but also air on other networks in other countries — and drop us a note in the comments below to tell us which ones you’ll miss the most.