TV's 20 Best Musical Episodes, Ranked (Plus the One Absolute Worst)

best TV Musical Episodes

“Musical episode.” No two words strike fear in the hearts of network executives — and snark in the minds of critics — with greater expedience. But when done right, the result can be a beautiful thing.

Now that Lucifer has literally sang and danced with the devil, and ahead of Dear White People‘s “’90s Musical Event,” TVLine decided to refresh as well as revisit our list of favorite musical episodes from days (and shows) gone by. We factored in our current editorial staff’s latest and greatest (and often quite passionate!) takes, as well as took into some consideration the resounding chorus of comments made last time by you, the readers.

Now, before you start claiming that a personal favorite was “forgotten,”  take CAREFUL NOTE of our criteria!
* The show must be non-musical by nature. (Sorry, Glee and Zoey!)
* The episode must feature multiple musical numbers, rather than just a one-off song. (Sorry, How I Met Your Mother!)
* The songs must come about spontaneously, rather than being part of/confined to a play within the show. (Sorry, Supernatural!)

Let’s get things started….