Mare of Easttown: 6 Burning Questions We Need to See Answered in the Finale

Mare of Easttown HBO Kate Winslet Evan Peters

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the first six episodes of HBO’s Mare of Easttown.

We thought Mare of Easttown went ahead and solved its biggest mystery a week ahead of schedule… but not so fast.

Sunday’s (incredibly tense!) penultimate episode of the HBO drama — read our full recap here — ended with Mare convinced that John’s brother Billy Ross was the one who killed Erin McMenamin, and Mare tracked Billy and John down at a remote fishing spot to haul Billy in just as the episode ended. But to quote another great fictional detective, we’re not sure we agree with Mare a hundred percent on her police work there. After all, there are still so many loose ends left dangling, with only this Sunday’s finale (HBO, 10/9c) left to tie them all up.

To make the time until Sunday pass more quickly, we’ve pulled together a half-dozen burning questions we’re still pondering that Mare‘s finale needs to answer for us. So crack open a Rolling Rock, grab a hoagie and join us as we give the Erin McMenamin murder case one last good look before it closes for good. Got your own theories/suspects/predictions to share? Drop ’em in the case file… er, comments below.