Law & Order Revival Poll Results: The 10 Characters That Must Return for Season 21 on NBC — Ranked

The polls have closed and the results of TVLine’s Law & Order revival poll are in. With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, fans of the onetime juggernaut have sent a clear message to NBC and Dick Wolf: You would not be bent out of shape if Sgt. Max Greevey were MIA in the just-ordered 21st season

Original cast member George Dzundza — who quit after the show’s inaugural season in 1990 — mustered just 0.44 percent of the vote in our Sept. 29 poll, which asked you to choose the Law & Order vets (three out of a field of 22 onetime series regulars) you most want to see appear in the continuation. As a result, Dzundza’s Greevey finished well outside of the final Top 10.

As reported last week, NBC is bringing back the original Law & Order (aka “the mothership”), and the flagship series will pick up right where it left off more than a decade ago — with a 21st season.

“There are very few things in life that are literally dreams come true,” said Wolf in a statement. “This is mine.”

Scroll down to see which characters made your must-return list, complete with Top 10 ranking number and percentage of vote, and then tackle this question in the comments: Which character’s specific ranking surprised you the most?

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