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FBI Nina Staying or Leaving

Can Big Sky fans expect a certain team-up? Will FBI lose one as it gains back one? What Easter egg awaits Winchesters fans? Read on for answers to those questions plus scoop on many other shows. (You can and should email any brand-new Qs to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

I was very excited when I heard Jensen Ackles was joining the cast of ABC’s Big Sky. But now I’m disappointed that there haven’t been many scenes between him and Kylie Bunbury’s Cassie. Do you have any Beau/Cassie spoilers for upcoming episodes? –Kira
As a matter of fact, EP Elwood Reid tells Inside Line, “Not only does the connection between Beau and Cassie continue to deepen throughout the season, but Beau will also play a crucial role alongside Cassie as they untangle a key element of the Bleeding Heart Killer mystery. Stay tuned.”

I am loving Shantel [VanSanten] as Nina on FBI. She’s been a breath of fresh air. Any chance we can keep her after Missy’s return?? –Lesley
Those curious about Nina’s status with the team should keep an eye on that special Sunday episode of CBS’ second-most watched drama, airing Nov. 6….

What’s in store for Station 19‘s Robert Sullivan? Will he finally get some redemption or promotion? –Moozanna
Sullivan, as you may have thus far gleaned, is focusing on his work at the station — but as will become increasingly clear, he still isn’t ready to let go of the past.

What can we expect for Station 19‘s Maya Bishop? –Kat
Maya’s ambitions, of course, have a way of interfering with her personal life — and the current state of her relationship with Carina has been no exception. Whether their marriage and hopes of growing their family will manage to prevail… is to be seen.