Falcon and Winter Soldier: We Have Questions About the Final 2 Episodes

Falcon Winter Soldier Questions

Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now two-thirds of the way through its six-episode run, and there remains at least one major mystery to solve before any season-ending showdown.

Said mystery, of course, is the identity of “The Power Broker,” the Madripoor crime boss who bankrolled the late Dr. Nagel’s refining of the Super Soldier serum, and who now is coming after the Flag Smashers who stole the only produced doses. Little does PB know, last we heard from him, that said samples were destroyed by Zemo — save for the one that Captain America/John Walker found and helped himself to (for better… or for worse).

Will the Power Broker be revealed to be a character we already know? Or is he/she the new character that head writer Malcolm Spellman has said will be introduced in Episode 5, out Friday, April 16?

But while many are mulling that mystery man, we find ourselves a bit perplexed by the sequence of events ahead, given that Sam will start training with Cap’s iconic shield in this Friday’s episode. What does that mean for crazed John Walker?

Those are among the several burning questions we have heading into Episode 5, which will be followed on April 23 by the season finale. Review our list below, then offer up your latest and greatest theories!

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