Falcon and the Winter Soldier Challenge Cap in Teaser for Final Episodes

Falcon Winter Soldier Video

Falcon and the Winter Soldier are poised to throwdown against the new (and newly sullied) Captain America in a teaser for the Marvel series’ final two episodes, the first of which arrives this Friday, April 16.

When last we tuned into Disney+’s second live-action Marvel series — SUPER-SPOILERS ALERT! — a scuffle between Sam and Bucky, NuCap and Battlestar, and the Flag Smashers, left one hero dead and his partner bloodthirsty for vengeance, jacked up as he now is on pilfered Super Soldier serum.

In fact, the final image of the April 9 episode was John Walker standing in the middle of a plaza in Latvia, his star-spangled shield now splattered with the blood of the Flag Smasher he had, well, smashed in cold blood. As many horrified onlookers wielding phone cameras looked on.

The teaser below appears to include a flashback to Walker in his dress Army uniform, declaring “I am Captain America,” presumably as part of a ceremony or “job interview.”  Much of the other footage is recapping events to date, though there are fresh glimpses of Bucky catapulting himself off a motorcycle to tackle a Flag Smasher and Cap slinging his shield at Karli, plus a closing sequence in which an unhinged-ish Walker questions if Sam and Bucky really want to “do this” (i.e. fight) — though to hear one of his challengers tell it, they most certainly do.

Watch the full teaser below:

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