Disney Channel's 40 Most Iconic Characters of All Time, Ranked

Disney Channel's Best Characters Ranked

Hi, this is TVLine, and you’ve been watching Disney Channel… for 40 years!

Tuesday marks a major milestone anniversary for the most magical network on TV, and we’re celebrating the big 4-0 with a look back at its most iconic characters, both live-action and animated.

One quick disclaimer: Only characters from shows and movies made specifically for Disney Channel were eligible for inclusion. For example, don’t expect to see anyone from a Canadian import like Life With Derek on this list — but also rest assured that Derek and Casey would absolutely top my hypothetical list of Siblings With Far Too Much Chemistry. Seriously, I haven’t seen undeniable heat like theirs since that infamous Folgers commercial starring the world’s flirtiest brother and sister.

And the most important disclaimer of all: This is merely one person’s personal ranking. With such a wide range of show and movie characters to choose from, I wouldn’t expect any two lists to look even remotely similar. And that’s OK! Let’s just have fun with it.

Read on to see which 40 characters I’ve deemed the most iconic, then drop a comment with your own below. How many of my picks would also be on your list, and which others would you add?

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