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2021 in Review: The 15 Coolest Scenes


We admit: We’re probably biased. But even when you take into consideration all of the big-budget movies that premiered on streaming sites this year, we’re still of the mind that some of the most awesome visuals on your small screen in 2021 came courtesy of TV shows.

As part of our ongoing Year in Review series, the TVLine staff is looking back at the year’s coolest scenes: the dazzling shots and gotta-watch-that-again! sequences that made us sit up and marvel. (Indeed, a couple of them are from Marvel.)

Our 2021 picks include a brutal Squid Game gambit, a flashy WandaVision barrier breach, a Cowboy Bebop fight sequence in very tight quarters and a Midnight Mass shot that seems to go on forever. (Don’t worry, our list isn’t all sci-fi and such: Schmigadoon!Insecure and The Big Leap also made our list, and wait ’til you find out why!)

Read on to see which scenes made the cut (we’ve included videos wherever possible, so make sure to press PLAY!), and then hit the comments and tell us which scenes really wowed you in 2021. 

Still to come in TVLine’s Year in Review: Best Needle Drops, Dumb Things TV Did, our Performer of the Year winner and more!

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