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Chicago Fire Spoilers Stellaride

Is a Chicago Fire pair at risk of getting singed? Will the Titans meet Stargirl? Are things about to get extra-messy for The Cleaning Lady? Read on for answers to those questions plus scoop on many other shows. (You can and should email any brand-new Qs to InsideLine@tvline.com.)

I’m loving the supportive vibes we’ve gotten between #Stellaride on Chicago Fire this season. Is that something that will continue throughout the rest of Season 11? –Krista
“These two love each other with everything they’ve got, and support each other through thick and thin,” co-showrunner Andrea Newman noted, in response to your query. “But… there will be a few big wrenches thrown their way as the season progresses, so we’ll have to see how they handle those.”

I love all things firefighters, and Fire Country already has my full attention. Any info into the dynamic between Sharon and Vince? –Sher
When I brought your question to Billy Burke, he warned that there would be “lots of bumps” for the sturdy marriage — as evidenced, perhaps, the the frightful closing moment of the latest episode. “But the through-line to this show,” he avowed, “is that Sharon really keeps the heartbeat of this world going. [Vince and Sharon] are the steady constant, and that’s a good bone for all the meat to stick onto.”

Will we see FBI: International‘s Jamie Kellett and Scott Forrester together again at some point in Season 2? Or is their relationship over for good? –Sarah
We relayed your Q to showrunner Derek Haas, and he kindly wrote back to say, “Their personal relationship is on the back burner as their professional relationship is threatened by someone inside the Bureau.”