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Succession Season 4 Episode 2 Logan Brian Cox
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THE SHOW | Succession

THE EPISODE |Rehearsal” (April 2, 2023)

THE PERFORMANCE | It can be frustrating to watch the Roy children try to stand toe-to-toe with their imposing father Logan Roy, only to get swatted away again and again like so many pesky flies. But Cox’s towering performance as the Roy family patriarch is so richly detailed and so mesmerizing, we almost root for the old guy to keep winning. This week, Cox summoned a formidable energy as Logan let his family and employees know that this aging lion can still roar, while also revealing just the slightest hint of vulnerability. (But just a hint.)

Logan’s ability to intimidate everyone around him was on full display as he dropped by the ATN offices unannounced, with Cox’s considerable gravitas making everyone quake in their boots. Logan then addressed the troops with a fiery speech full of colorful rhetoric, with Cox’s booming voice and lively eyes driving home the point that Logan isn’t ready to hang up his spurs just yet. (He prodded the ATN staff to be more aggressive in cutting down the competition, bellowing, “You’re f—king pirates!”) Later, he griped about being reduced to “set dressing” by the impending GoJo deal, pointedly reminding Gerri: “I’m still here, you know. I haven’t gone.” But Logan’s biggest unresolved issues remained with his kids, and he crashed their karaoke outing to tell them how hurt he was that they missed his birthday party, with Cox’s wistful smile conveying… well, what passes for genuine hurt in Logan Roy’s world.

His kids weren’t buying it, though — he did also want them to sign off on the GoJo deal — which reminded us how Logan masterfully manipulates his family to maintain his iron grip on power. (His attempt at an actual apology was pretty woeful, to be fair.) But Cox turned on the charm as Logan offered Roman a plum role at ATN, telling his youngest son, “I need you.” It was crushing to watch Roman fall back under his spell, but also understandable because Logan can be so convincing when he needs to be. Succession is a grandly constructed Shakespearean drama, and it works because Cox gives it the domineering, fascinating father figure it needs at its center.

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