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2021 in Review: Which of These TV Events Lived Up to the Hype?

Most Hyped Tv Shows 2021

Big things happened on the small screen this year. But which of those events most lived up to the hype?

Following a 2020 that was thoroughly waylaid by the early wave of the COVID pandemic, 2021 saw many TV events come to fruition, as several Friends finally got together and shared hugs and production was completed on anticipated fare such as a Sex and the City sequel series, the almost-mythical #SnyderCut and the realization of a live-action Cowboy Bebop.

The year gone by brought Chris Meloni back to the Law & Order: SVU-niverse by way of his own spinoff, and there were also some magical musical moments, as CBS cued up concerts from both Adele and the dynamic duo of Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

Throw in an illuminating Q&A with Meghan and Harry, season-opening “events” for The Flash and Riverdale, Succession‘s long-awaited return, a well-scrutinized SNL host and a moving (if virtual) reunion of ER docs, and you had more than a dozen hype-worthy TV events in 2021.

Which lived up to their promise? And which fell short? In chronological order, let’s take a look, grading each on a scale of 1 to 10…

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