Big Brother All-Stars: Who Stands the Best Chance of Winning Season 22?

Big Brother All-Stars

A whole lot of us are stuck inside this summer — but only one person will earn $500,000 for staying indoors.

Whomever gets the cash will be the winner of Big Brother’s 22nd season, which serves as the show’s second All-Stars edition. But even though CBS has collected 16 worthy contenders for the half-million dollars — including two previous winners, Nicole Franzel and Ian Terry — only one of them will stand in a socially distanced confetti shower at the end of the summer.

The question is: Who?

Ahead of tonight’s episode, which will reveal Head of Household Cody Calafiore’s two nominations for eviction, we’ve ranked the 16 All-Stars based on how likely they are to win Season 22.

Of course, not every All-Star is created equal, and we have some theories on who will face eviction early in the season (sorry, Keesha!). But there are plenty of power players who have a legitimate shot at victory, including a past winner who, in our estimation, could emerge triumphant once again.

Scroll through the list below to see our Season 22 predictions, then hit the comments with your own!