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2021 in Review: 29 of Our Favorite Scene Stealers From WandaVision, Grey's Anatomy, Ted Lasso and More

Best TV Characters 2021 WandaVision

TV’s big stars can take the spotlight all they want — but we also have our eyes on the supporting characters around the margins.

This year in television has blessed us with a bumper crop of standout supporting characters — the ones who, while they may be limited in screen time, make us grin every time they enter a scene. As part of TVLine’s ongoing Year in Review extravaganza, we’re looking back on our favorite scene stealers of the past 12 months, from a witchy neighbor on WandaVision (who comes with one heck of a theme song) to a charming bank robber on Money Heist to an elderly grandma on Riverdale. (Yes, they do have those on that show, if you can believe it.)

Read on to see which supporting characters caught our eye in 2021, including fan favorites from Grey’s Anatomy, Ted Lasso, Succession, Wynonna Earp and Hawkeye, just to name a few. And when you’re done with our picks, feel free to shout out your own preferred scene stealers from the past year in the comments.

Still ahead in TVLine’s 2021 in Review: TV’s Coolest Scenes, Best Needle Drops, Dumb Things TV Did, our Performer of the Year winner and much more!

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