TV's Best Two-Season Shows, Ranked: Pushing Daisies, Timeless, PEN15, Smash, Galavant, Mindhunter and More!

Best Two-Season TV Shows

With filming having wrapped on Party Down‘s revival for Season 3, the cult comedy has, sadly, lost its vaunted place on TVLine’s Best Two-Season Shows ranking, which has been freshly updated and revisited since its last publication in November 2021.

Why this list, in addition to our ranking of One-Season Wonders? Because frankly it is rare for a series to get renewed for a second season and then be cancelled before reaching Season 3. You’d think if a network went to the trouble of renewing a show, they’d stick with it for a while, right? That, however, is not always the case — especially if you’re ABC, which was home to nine of our Top 35. (HBO followed with five total entries.)

As a result, the two-season show is a strange bird indeed, with many fondly remembered cult favorites landing among its ranks.

Which two-season shows are our favorites? TVLine presents this updated list of what in our collective opinion are the Top 35 two-and-dones that ever aired. In fact, this ranking contains some of our favorite shows of all time. But before you keep scrolling, let’s cover some ground rules for the ranking.


The TVLine staff’s personal picks for the best two-season shows ever!

We did not include UK series, so the likes of The End of the F***ing World, Fleabag and Fawlty Towers were not eligible.

♦ Two-season shows that are poised to return for Season 3 (like the aforementioned Party Down), or came back for more episodes in some capacity (a la the miniseries event Twin Peaks: The Return) were also not eligible.

Check out our rankings below, then hit the comments to tell us your favorites and point out any two-season gems you personally would include!

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