TV's Best Two-Season Shows, Ranked: Pushing Daisies, Timeless, Twin Peaks, Smash, Galavant, WOEE and More!

Best Two-Season TV Shows

With the announcement of its revival for a third season, Party Down may eventually lose its vaunted place on TVLine’s Best Two-Season Shows ranking, which has been freshly updated and revisited since its original publication.

Why this list, in addition to our ranking of One-Season Wonders? Because frankly it is rare for a series to get renewed for a second season and then be cancelled before reaching Season 3. You’d think if a network went to the trouble of renewing a show, they’d stick with it for a while, right? That, however, is not always the case — especially if you’re ABC, which was home to nine of our Top 30. (HBO followed with five total entries.)

As a result, the two-season show is a strange bird indeed, with many fondly remembered cult favorites landing among its ranks.

Which two-season shows are our favorites? TVLine presents this updated list of what in our collective opinion are the Top 30 two-and-dones that ever aired. In fact, this ranking contains some of our favorite shows of all time.


♦ The TVLine staff’s personal picks for the best two-season shows ever!

♦ We did not include UK series, so the likes of The End of the F***ing World, Fleabag and Fawlty Towers were not eligible.

♦ Something like Twin Peaks: The Return we deemed a miniseries sequel and not a proper Season 3, so that cult classic qualified.

Check out our rankings below and then hit the comments to tell us your favorites and point out any two-season gems you personally would include!

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