Year in Review

Year in Review: 24 Scene Stealers From Ted Lasso, Yellowstone, The Flash, Station 19, The Conners and More

Year in Review 2020 Scene Stealers

Sometimes, all eyes aren’t on the leading lady.

Team TVLine has already taken an in-depth look at the Performers of the Year (including who we chose as the winner of the whole shebang). But now, we’re diving into some performances that may have been slightly less celebrated, but are no less deserving of our accolades.

While they may not have been the stars of their respective shows, these 24 TV characters stole every second they appeared on screen. The year’s group of scene stealers hails from series both new and returning, dominating stories with their witty quips, physical comedy prowess and/or dramatic turns that ripped our hearts out. From a Haunting little girl and villainous Sabrina baddie, to a Cloud 9 fan favorite and a glammed out uncle, we’re spotlighting the characters who not only turned our heads, but demanded our attention.

In addition to the fictional fare, we’ve also selected a couple unscripted picks, including a kickass bounty hunter (and not the one you may think!) and one of the few Big Brother houseguests who truly deserved the “all-star” moniker.

Review our choices in the list below, then hit the comments section with your scene-stealing favorites from 2020.

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