TV's 30 Best Series Finales, Ranked — Now Including, Yes, Lost

Best TV Series Finales

Few episodes of a TV series are watched with greater scrutiny than its very final outing. Which shows have managed to best stick the landing, when under such incredible pressure?

In the wake of AMC’s Better Call Saul expertly wrapping its six-season run, the TVLine staff set out to find the acclaimed Breaking Bad prequel a spot on our ranking of the Best Series Finales of All Time.

Starting off with our previous, ruthlessly curated Top 25 list, we gave Saul the place it so richly deserves. We then took a moment to reconsider and add a few series-enders from years gone by, taking into account at-times fervent reader feedback from the last go-round — and, following our own heart over our head, giving “The End” of Lost its due. (Oh, and in a rare case, we surgically excised an entry. Sorry, Tommy Westphall!)

The result is a more-robust-than-ever, always-exciting revisiting of the TV’s Top 30 Series Finales, celebrating the utterly sublime swan songs of gritty dramas, big-hearted comedies and several genre-TV favorites.

Curious about which stellar series enders have now made our latest “extended” cut? All you have to do is review the TVLine staff’s ranking below, and then hit the comments with the truly grand finales that you are glad to see included — as well as those you would have singled out yourself!