Best Platonic Friendships From Grey's, Chicago P.D., Vampire Diaries and More

Best Platonic Friendships

We’re all about unresolved sexual tension that keeps us tuning in week after week, but sometimes the most surprising thing a series can do is present us with a pairing that never ventures close to being romantic — even though they theoretically could.

In a refreshing change of pace, the following duos represent some of TV’s best strictly platonic friends from shows such as Veronica Mars, Parks and Recreation, The Walking Dead and many more. These BFFs loved, supported and challenged each other without ever crossing the line into something more, and their relationships, not to mention their respective series, were all the stronger for it. Through these twosomes, we watched a different kind of love unfold, one just as powerful and even more enduring than a back-and-forth romance.

From a pair of Elementary partners in crimesolving to Tree Hill besties that became family, these pals never wavered in their friendships… or in their commitment to avoiding that all too common question that often plagues our favorite dramas and comedies: “Will they or won’t they?” (Spoiler alert: They don’t even go there, and it’s more than OK!)

Scroll through the list below to review our picks, then hit the comments with your own favorite platonic besties!

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