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2021 in Review: The 19 Best Needle Drops of the Year

Best Needle Drops of 2021

The right song, deployed at the exact right moment, can elevate a show from amazing to near-divine. Lucky for all of us, 2021 TV featured a bunch of these transcendent tracks woven into our favorite series. Come on down musical memory lane with us, won’t you?

As part of our ongoing Year in Review series, the TVLine staff is thinking about all of the music that truly made the year’s best scenes — you know, the perfect marriage of song choice and dramatic (or comedic!) action, resulting in a TV moment you couldn’t get out of your head?

Our picks this year run the gamut from the song that had us doing praise-hands to an Insecure glow-up to the music that heralded Lucifer‘s return to Hell. We’ve also included killer tunes from BMF and The Handmaid’s Tale, a bouncy Sex Education romp and a nonsensical — but still totally bangin’ — Doom Patrol needle drop.

Read on to see which songs made our list, and then hit the comments and tell us which needle drops really wowed you in 2021. 

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