10 Years Ago, Arrow (Unintentionally) Launched the Arrowverse — 'Our Mantra Was: Don't Screw It Up'

Arrow Favorite Moments

It was 10 years ago today, on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012, when The CW pulled back on its bowstring and let Arrow fly.

Nearly as soon as that series’ pilot was announced and a script synopsis leaked out, scrutinizing comic book fans had their concerns. After all,  the synopsis referred to Starling City versus Star City; Oliver’s onetime flame went by Laurel Lance versus Dinah; and Ollie’s younger sister carried the nickname of “Speedy,” though Green Arrow’s eventual sidekick, in any incarnation, never was kin.

Prospective viewers were also invited to wonder if Arrow would deliver Nikita-style grittiness or adopt a lighter, comic book-style feel a la Smallville? Addressing that question, then -Warner Bros. TV chief Peter Roth told TVLine in March 2012, “Tonally, the show probably lives most closely – in terms of analogy – to the world of Jason Bourne.”

And he was right.

The funny thing is that while some might mark today as the anniversary of the larger Arrowverse’s launch, that building of a multiple-show narrative was not at all in the cards when Arrow‘s flight began….

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