Quotes of the Week: Star Trek: Picard, Night Court, Drag Race, 1923 and More

Best TV Quotes

There aren’t many guarantees in life — but our Sunday publication of Quotes of the Week is one of ’em!

In the list below, we’ve gathered a dozen of television’s most memorable sound bites from the past seven days, including moments both scripted and unscripted from broadcast, cable and streaming series.

This time around, we’ve got a weirdly prophetic joke about daytime television from this week’s Night Court, Riker’s realization that he’s indeed getting older on Star Trek: Picard, a Days of Our Lives torture tactic that we hope to never endure ourselves, and a particularly gut-wrenching moment from Monday’s shocking episode of All American. (If you haven’t watched yet, stop scrolling!)

Also featured in this week’s roundup: a double dose of Shrinking, plus quotable moments from The Conners, RuPaul’s Drag Race, 1923 and more shows.

Scroll through the list below to see all of our picks for the week, then hit the comments and tell us if we missed any of your faves!