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Four little words will haunt RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars fans until Season 3 commences on Thursday (VH1, 8/7c): “I’ve got your back.”

What did RuPaul mean when she said that to Morgan McMichaels, following her elimination on last night’s season premiere? And did McMichaels even deserve to be eliminated in the first place?

TVLine took those questions (and more!) straight to the All Star, who offered some insight — with a side of tea — on the future of the competition:

TVLINE | I guess I should start by offering my condolences. It’s never easy being the first one to go.
Yeah, but I was also one of the 10 to get on out of 100+ girls, you know, I feel very lucky.

TVLINE | I still think you got a raw deal.
In what respect?

TVLINE | I don’t think you were eliminated for the right reasons.
Well, I guess it’s all about perspective, really. My judging criteria was just different from Ben’s. And I can’t really speak about Aja because she didn’t win the lip sync, but Ben and I just had completely different outlooks on how girls should be sent home.

TVLINE | But your strategy of eliminating the bigger threat seems so natural, especially in a game like this.
It’s the most honest thing to do. Watching Drag Race over the seasons, I’ve seen people making so many excuses for why they kicked the girl off. I generally think it’s a crock of shit. So I didn’t want to be that person. A lot of people feel that [revealing my strategy] came back to bite me in the ass, and to that I’m like, “Probably.” But at least I walked out of that workroom with my head held high. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not a hypocrite.

TVLINE | So you don’t regret telling everybody what your strategy was?
Not at all. In my circle of friends and queens that I associate with, the truth is there whether we like to hear it or not. There are things my friends have told me that I didn’t want to hear, but I respected what they had to say because I knew they were telling me the truth. That’s how I was raised and that’s how I live.

TVLINE | Since you intended to pick off the biggest threats, who would you say the strongest competitors are now?
Well, there’s a misconception about that. I would be eliminating the strongest girl in the bottom two, and you never know who’s going to be there. Last night is a great example, because every talent was super f–ing great. There was so much energy. Everyone did something so completely different. I was like, “Can we have the ambulance on hand please? Because these girls are f–ing their s–t up.” You never know who’s going to be in the top or the bottom. But I would have sent myself home, because I was a stronger competitor than Chi Chi.

TVLINE | Did you feel you even belonged in the bottom two?
Drag Race is about pushing you beyond your limits, making you do something uncomfortable. It’s about opening up that egg a little more and letting your inner star shine. That’s what I love about Drag Race the most. So I honestly couldn’t tell you who I’d have put in the bottom two, because they were all spectacular in different ways.

TVLINE | I also need to know about that ending. What did Ru mean when she said she has your back? Is this not the last we’ve seen of you?
You have to understand that when Ru says she has my back, that doesn’t mean you are going to see me again or you’re not. It doesn’t mean anything. A lot of people are under the impression that someone might be coming back. You have to read between the lines with Ru. It’s very much like Jigsaw from the Saw movies. She gives you the answer, but people don’t see the forest through the trees.

TVLINE | Great, now I’m picturing a tiny Ru doll riding out on a little bike.
[Laughs] Could you imagine? That would actually be really funny.

Do you think we’ve seen the last of Morgan McMichaels? And did she deserve the boot last night? Drop all of your thoughts in a comment below.

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