Walking Dead, The Office, SVU and 25 Other Shows That Simply Ran Too Long

Shows Ran Too Long

Imagine if your favorite show went out on a high note rather than lingering past its prime. Alas, that fantasy often remains just that, as many series run a season (or two, or three…) too long, leaving fans to wish they had wrapped just a little bit earlier.

TVLine has gathered 28 guilty offenders who overstayed their welcome, from those that should have called it quits after their lead star’s departure (cough, TheOfficeandNashville, cough) to long-running faves that simply ran out of creative gas (we’re looking at you, How I Met Your Mother and House).

Then there are the “should have been one-and-doners” like 13 Reasons Why, Heroes and Revenge. Currently airing programs aren’t safe from our critical eye either, so brace yourself, SVU and Walking Dead diehards.

And as much as it hurts us to say it, even the best of the best like Buffy and Arrested Development had one season too many, leaving our memories of their greatness slightly tarnished.

Scroll through our gallery of shows that ran too long — or click here for direct access — then drop a comment with some of your own picks: Which shows should have quit while they were ahead? And would you have ended any of our choices sooner?