This Is Us: The Top 25 Characters of All Time, Ranked!

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There’s no lemon so sour that you can’t make something resembling lemonade. And there’s no limit to our love for the characters of This Is Us — but there is an order.

So while we all anxiously await the NBC family drama’s Season 5 return, we thought we’d run through the show’s roster and pick out our 25 favorite Pearson (and Pearson-adjacent) characters.

Filing Jack & Co. into a continuum of just-kinda-cool to pretty-damn-awesome was no easy task. One reason we enjoy hanging out with these folks each Tuesday is that they’re so relatable… which is a nice way of saying that they’re not perfect. And that relatability is good for TV dramas but rough on the ol’ ranking system.

Think about it. Yes, Rebecca has earned a place in the pantheon of Awesome TV Moms… but she also kept Randall’s biological father a secret from him for decades. And yes, Randall and his dad jokes are some of the best bits on the show… but he went behind Kevin’s back to encourage their mom to subvert her established Alzheimer’s care plan.

And sure, Miguel is a doof, but he’s actually also a much-needed steadying force in the post-Jack’s-death Pearson family. It’s complicated, is all we’re saying.

To see which characters made it into our Top 25, just click on the photo gallery above (or go here for direct access). Then hit the comments with the characters that you think should’ve been placed higher, lower or altogether eliminated!

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