The Haves and the Have Nots' 10 Most Unforgettable Characters Ever, Ranked: The Good, the Bad and the Even Worse!

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Even as we’re still looking forward to the back half of The Haves and the Have Nots’ eighth and final season, we’re also looking back at the OWN soap’s characters — and, while we’re at it, pulling a Hanna by judging the lot of ’em.

But unlike the pious housekeeper, we’re not deciding which of Savannah’s filthy-rich and upwardly-mobile ought to be wearing a halo and which ones’ ’dos needs to be able to accommodate devil’s horns. We’re merely evaluating which of them we’re likeliest to remember years after the doors have shut for the last time at the Cryer mansion.

To whittle the list down to just the Top 10, some cuts had to be made — brutal ones, as a matter of fact, like Mitch, who for our money should be Candace’s endgame; lovable Landon, the president-elect’s snarky right-hand man; and heck, Charles, the president-elect himself. We even had to leave out Mama Rose, the grandmotherly Mob boss who had an easy chair delivered to her prison cell!

Of course, dropping Wyatt was never a consideration, because we didn’t for a moment contemplate including him. Nobody likes Wyatt.

Anyway, we suspect you’ll be satisfied with the list at which we arrived — and maybe even surprised by our pick for the show’s most memorable character of all time.

Ready to take a peek and see who made the countdown? Just click on the photo gallery above or go here for direct access. Then hit the comments with any changes you’d make to the list.

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