Oscars 2020: The 11 Best, Worst and Weirdest Moments From the Ceremony

Oscars 2020: Best & Worst Moments — Photos

We’re amazed that Parasite did so well at this year’s Oscars: After all, there was no host! (Get it? You’ve been a beautiful crowd! Tip your waitress!)

The 2020 Academy Awards unfolded over three-plus hours Sunday, and the annual ceremony offered up plenty of moments both divine and ridiculous, as well as a bunch somewhere in between. And we couldn’t let the night of film accolades, big dresses and mispronounced names go by without singling out some of our favorite (and least favorite) vignettes.

We hoped for an “Adele Dazeem” shoutout, and pretty much got one. We had zero desire for a Something’s Gotta Give reunion, yet we got that, too. And we had no idea how much we wanted to entertain the notion of a superheroine fight club until the leading ladies from AlienCaptain Marvel and Wonder Woman posited one right up there on stage.

In the attached gallery, we’ve boiled down the evening into a series of best and worst moments, from those silly montages of nominated performances to a well-handled potential wardrobe malfunction.

Scroll through the attached gallery — or click here for direct access — to see our picks for the Oscars’ hits and misses, then drop a comment with your own reviews of the show!

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